Intention, Juicing and Yoga Philosophy ~ A Four Day Fountain of Life Adventure

First I would like to thank everyone who asked me to write this out and for starting a group where we can all meet and chat about some of these thoughts, juices and conversations.  Prana in yoga is life energy.  It is known as breath, energy and our body intelligence.

Below this conversation I will post the six drinks I used in the past four day cleanse.  I wish that I would have taken pictures while I was making them, I will for the next one.  Instead of having a bunch of writing, I added a few quotes to add some color and a break for your eyes.  ~Enjoy. ~xo


With most things I do and from taking my yoga teacher training in 2009, I set an intention.  Through out the four days I think (or remind myself) of my intention for doing this cleanse.  I will do this for my writing, marketing, yoga practice, walking and even a gathering at the house.  I don’t have any expectation of how it ‘should’ work out but always have an intention.



For these particular four days I wanted CLARITY & ENERGY.

Attention is mental focus and brings energy to what you are thinking.  Intention has tremendous personal power, because when you hold an awareness of what you need to do in the back of your mind, you direct your energy and the energy in that direction.  Setting an intention for yoga as an example is one where I choose PEACE, CALMNESS, STRENGTH or send my connected energy to someone who may need: LOVE, HEALTH, COMPASSION.  In yoga being on your mat is a metaphor for life, there will be poses (asanas) that will challenge you, feel tight or you were able to hold it or go deeper the last class but the important thing to remember is that you are on your mat to just breathe, be in the moment and give gratitude to the fact that you are able to be there, to just be present in your life and your mind.


“When we find the pureness of our intention, we unleash a force that has the miraculous and infinite ability to rally circumstances, energy, situations, synchronicity and serendipity all on our behalf.” ~Baron Baptiste

So for this four day adventure, what would your intention be for it?


Know that what ever your intention is, it is perfect.  You are perfect. Be compassionate, kind and gentle with yourself while investing your time to your intention with the four days. You will feel the change.

Fresh Juices

Freshly pressed juices are our super food – energy giving – elixir!  Fresh juices provide abundant minerals because they are made from whole foods, they have an ideal balance of nutrients, and those nutrients will be absorbed from the stomach and small intestine minutes after ingestion.  This is important, as many people’s digestive systems are overworked and fatigued due to years of poor eating, toxic chemicals or thinking and unmanaged stress.  Saturating your cells with a rich supply of nutrients without taxing your digestive system is rejuvenating for your whole body. Most people will feel the energizing effects of juice soon after drinking it and will notice an increase in energy levels in general.

Starting your morning out with freshly pressed juices is more than just drinking something or eating something, it helps with so much more.  The actual word for breakfast is literally Break Fast.  When you wake you have a fresh start, with health, how you feel, what you think or with your intention for the day.  At this point in the morning, you have not put food into your body since your last meal, so your body will go to work eliminating and cleaning out what is in your system.  By not eating after 8 pm, through the night and the morning may be the only time that your body’s energy is not consumed in digesting and can instead be directed to actually cleansing.

In the morning you may notice that your body was busy cleaning by eliminating toxins through sweat, coated tongue, ‘hairy’ teeth, sleep in your eyes.  These are not pleasant topics while talking about food or a beautiful clean green drink but it is important for you to know why and what our bodies are doing during the night.  It is working hard to send energy throughout your body to eliminate toxins and send all that it needs into areas that need healing.

Upon waking it is important to know that once you begin to eat, you shut off the body’s cleansing mechanism, and your energy has to then be directed to digestion.  So GOOD FOR YOU in taking four days to literally clean your body, letting it send out toxins and eliminate waste.  You will go through a transition while not ‘eating’ something in the mornings and in the next four days, throughout the entire day, so remember your intention.  I did receive headaches the first afternoon from not drinking coffee, but that disappeared. What I did feel was more energized, clear minded and more focused.


I have at home my Breville Juice Fountain Elite from Bed & Bath.  If you sign up for their newsletters, they will send you a 20% off coupon for one item, this is what I did.  People often ask what kind of juicer is best.  The less expensive allow you to begin juicing but they use friction to produce the juice which heats the produce and destroys nutrients.  Of course, you’ll want to extract as much juice as possible from the ingredients you use.  However, many of the less-expensive juicers leave the pulp quite moist.  If you find this to be the case, try feeding the pulp back through the juicer. Some can be very costly too.  The one I have is fantastic for me and a decent price.  I know some juicers can be $80 – $500, so pick what you can afford and will use.  Besides the Breville, I have heard that the Green Star and Omega Vertical are good too.


With these juices, I tried to make them as fresh as I could, but some days I wasn’t able to juice at lunch. What I did was use mason jars, simply pour your fresh juice in until is just barely spills over.  You don’t want to waste any and yet to leave air in it will allow it to oxidize which means it is loosing the enzymes and fermenting.  If you are saving them and not drinking immediately, place them in a refrigerator or a cooler with a little ice to keep them cool. The juices can keep in your fridge for up to two days, although the freshest is best as it contains all the liv enzymes.  Fresh uncooked foods allow us to maintain the alkaline, oxygen rich energy in our bodies = Life Force.  The first day or two, your body is cleaning its self out of toxins and days three or four allow your body to absorb all the healthy life giving nutrients.

Drink LOTS of water to flush your system as your body is busy eliminating toxins and impurities.  I like to and almost always have lemon or a slice of cucumber in my water.  The lemon actually helps the ph in your body and creates an alkaline environment which is so beneficial to your health.  Be sure to wash all your vegetables and fruits.  As for peeling, I use a sharp knife and cut the rind/skin off similar to cutting a pineapple: ends, long side up and slide your knife down, leaving as much fruit as possible.  Also with cucumber and apples, I don’t peel any of it.


Juices for the Four Days.

Upon waking:  water with lemon or cucumber.  I usually then make the juice shortly after having a big glass of water.

Morning:  2 Beets with tops, 4 Carrots NO tops, one celery stalk, palm full of parsley, 1/2 cucumber, one peeled lemon, one peeled orange, one whole apple. Drink all at once or through out the morning.  With the beets, place the greens in first then the root.

More water or herbal tea.

Afternoon:  Broccoli flowerets and stems (about a heaping handful), one whole cucumber, heaping handful of spinach or kale, one parsnip, four asparagus spears, one whole granny smith apple, two handfuls of watermelon, a few stems of mint.  Drink all at once or through out the afternoon.

Optional Afternoon Juice (I love both): Broccoli as above, one whole cucumber, 1″ of peeled ginger, one peeled lime, four celery stalks, heaping handful of spinach, 1/4 of peeled pineapple or one granny smith apple but I love the pineapple, 3-4 stems of fresh mint or basil.

More water or herbal tea.

Liquid Supper:  1/4 of peeled pineapple, heaping handful of spinach/kale/greens, peeled grapefruit, heaping handful of saskatoons or blueberries, 1″ peeled ginger, 1/4 of a head of cabbage and heaping handful of red grapes.

More water.

Night treat, but before 8pm:  heat up unsweetened almond milk with nutmeg, cardamom, a tiny bit of cloves and a tiny bit of black pepper.  This drink is so comforting.


So give this a try if you like.  By no means am I a doctor, so check with yours if you have any concerns but this is what I did for four days and felt Ah-Mazing!  I usually always drink the second green drink listed in the Afternoon list, it is so tasty and good for you.   I will create a Facebook page for us as well after the September long weekend coming up, there we can chat about more!

Drink up and love yourself.  This journey of ours is boundless, luminous and exciting.  Our journey is completely based on Love, to live free, passionately and with gratitude.

“Love is the essential existential fact.  It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.  Meaning doesn’t lie in things. Meaning lies in us.  When we attach value to things that aren’t love – the money, the car, the house, the prestige, the status – we are loving things that can’t love us back. We are searching for meaning in the meaningless.  Money, of itself, means nothing, material things, of themselves, mean nothing.  It’s no that they’re bad. It’s that they’re nothing.”

“Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking other people don’t have as much fear as we do, which only makes us more afraid.”  ~ both quotes are  Marianne Williamson on my ‘About Me Page’ click on it to read more.


~Talk to the Chef: Tara Ogg-Chaput

From her darkest moments to a 30 day Paleo (gluten & processed foods free) challenge, Tara Ogg-Chaput changed her life and health, became a celebrated food & life blogger (Foodie and Family), went from being a vegetarian to eating meat and now the happiest she has been in years, not to mention feeling completely connected to her family and herself.

Foodie and Family

Foodie and Family

As soon as I met Tara, I knew we were going to hit it off.  Tara walked in completely happy and brought six types of her homemade Kombucha that she has been showing others how to make.  We talked about how going from vegetarianism to Paleo has changed her life, dropped pounds (her husband dropped 40 pounds), brought joy back into daily activities and loving the life she has.  On her Paleo based food blog: Foodie and Family, her sharp, quick-witted attitude shines through like a blazing light in all that she she posts, such as:  weekly eating plans, or posts like “Feeding My Little Omnivors,”  and “How I Became Imporant” a must read by the way!  (Click on the hyperlinked titles)  Her second blog where she has a censor warning : Forgive My Life, she posts her “Potty Training..The Lows” had me laughing a deep belly laugh with tears  – ya, that type of laugh.  She has been blogging since 2009 with titles like Turkey Vegetable MeatballsAutumn Sice No-oatmeal, Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.  Her recipes, wit and extraordinary self healing has landed her in a book and on podcasts.  Join us in our interview where she openly shares and bares it all.


Caption from the Paleo Miracle Book

Caption from the Paleo Miracle Book

The Exterior Transformation

The Exterior Transformation



This chef post:  Foodie and Family’s Tara Ogg-Chaput

Foodie and Family was mentioned many times when I asked who I should interview next.  With a Paleo based blog, Tara has a popular (over 6,000 likes) Facebook page “The Foodie and The Family,” busy on Twitter @foodieandfamily, her blogs, podcasts, but more importantly she is the mother of five children, wife and mama to her dog.  She is busy to say the least.  What I learned early in our interview is that she places her family first, her schooling is important to her, and creating new recipes for their health, is all before feeling the need to write, but write she does.  Tara is one of these phenomenons or shall we say pheno-moms, she some how seems to be able to manage it all and still fits more in!  She speaks from the heart, shoots from the hip and is as witty as any stand up comedian.  Here is our interview:


Market Gypsy: What is your favorite recipe at home?

Chef Tara Ogg Chaput: Chicken.  Probably drumsticks, especially for the kids.  I find that you can do so much with chicken, you can BBQ, make it saucy  or bake it, there are just so many options.

(Click here for five of her Chicken drumstick recipes.)


MG: How does your blog inspire and help people?

TOC: By offering recipes that makes cooking food easily and quickly that a family will like.  Right now it seems that I am focusing on breakfasts at the moment.  If you don’t want to eat eggs every morning, I think ‘what else can I create for me and my family and sharing that will other busy people.’


MG: What is your favorite protein choice?

TOC:  Oh, Beef.  Give me a good tenderloin and “happy, happy, happy”…..  Really though it is is so versatile, you can season it any way and the flavor is amazing. You do have to source great quality for the flavor, and cook it medium-rare.   (MG: May I add here that Big Bend Market has exceptional fresh, antibiotic and hormone free beef, with mouth-watering flavor)


MG: What is your motto in life?

TOC: (Tara laughs.) It would be from my mother’s side, “Suck it up pork chop.”  But since switching to Paleo, I now say “take everything in stride,”  I mean just don’t be so serious about everything.


MG: If you could make a playlist of five of your favorite songs:   when cooking or Saturday afternoon or with friends for a dinner party, what would it be?

TOC: Tara laughs again, “well right now I can’t say one.”  My playlist: I could never pick 5 songs!!! I love putting on Songza and listening to 90s Alternative.


MG: What about your business is your passion or lights you up?

TOC: You know, it seems that we place too much emphasis on the medical abilities to make us feel better.  Really it is just a cover of what the problem is, so food and nutrion for health should be number one.  Proper nutrition should be our biggest role in regaining our health and keeping it.


MG: What are your favorite 3 products from your career/business?

TOC:  My big frying pan – glazed aluminium. Not teflon though.   2. Bacon. Definetly bacon.  3. Kale.  Yup, kale seems to be in many recipes and is so good for you.

Mmmmm, Big Bend Market Bacon - Pork, Beef, Bison

Mmmmm, Big Bend Market Bacon – Pork, Beef, Bison



MG: What is your favorite food and drink?

TOC: “Oh I could eat Penny’s Cutie Pies – Turtle Pie all day long,” she says with the expression as though she just recieved the latest winning Lotto Max. Tara’s blog has a Paleo Turtle Pie recipe too.  “And for the drink it would be a Latte, with whole milk and half & half.  Yes, really.  It is so much better than all the sugar in other drinks.  Our bodies can handle the half and half better than the flavored syrups.”


Cutie Pies are available at Big Bend Market and some Farmer Markets. Click on their hyperlink above.

Cutie Pies are available at Big Bend Market and some Farmer Markets. Click on their hyperlink above.



MG: What 5 people you would most want to dine with and why?

TOC: 1. My Grandpa   2. My husband…alone (because it rarely happens)   3. Robin, she started the 30 day primal challenge that got me on the path to Paleo and shi is a yoga instructor.  I’ve learned so much from her and I feel like I could learn so much more!   4. Albert Einstein, he’s a scientific genius who seemed to be very grounded. Eg. “Insanity: doing he same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”   5. Ina May Gaskin, she was my first introduction to following my intuition while pregnant.



MG: Would you care to share a great life moment?

TOC: Yes. It would be the transormation from being down, depressed, no hope in the future and NOW on my path to health, a healthy me, I am back in school (she is heading into her second year of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist), I am helping people.  I am happy.  I credit the 30 day Paleo Challenge and all the work that I did to get through it.


MG: Who do you consider to be your mentors?

TOC: There are so many, real life and not.  I would have to say, right now:  1. the Paleo world with all the free information to people who are starting out.  2. The entire Paleo community, I have made some really great friends.


MG: What are your favorite websites, food or non-food related?

TOC:  1. Civilized Caveman   2. Mark’s Daily Apple    3. Twitter   4. Swagbucks (buy on amazon with points).   5. Balanced Bites (Diane, the blogger behind Balanced Bites, has a book called Practical Paleo…which is my cookbook bible.)


MG: What is your personal philosophy?

TOC: Be proud, be appreciative, be humble.


MG: What is your favorite quote?

TOC: “Unless someonle like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to ge better. It’s not.”  ~Dr. Seuss


MG: What are or is your key bits of cooking or business advice?

TOC: Don’t let someone else change the way you are trying to do something.


MG: What cookbook do you consider your bible?

TOC: She smiles quickly, “Practical Paleo.”


Practical Paleo

Practical Paleo

MG: What cooking tip can you give or was the best given to you?

TOC: Don’t be afraid to experiment with foods and flavours!

MG: After reading W. Brett Wilson’s book “Redefining Success: still making mistakes,” I found a topic he discussed really very interesting: Northern/Prairie Ethics.  He writes of “a tough country grows tough, resilient and independent people…Prairie people seem to be capable of overcoming all manner of adversity. There is something about growing up in a land that is as harsh as it is beautiful that has helped create some of the finest people in the world – people who are resourceful, respected and solid to the core.”     What has living in the north/prairies taught you?

TOC:  No subsitute for hard work.


MG:  Also from the book, “It takes time to figure out what you can uniquely offer to the world,”  WBW.   My question is, Did you know this was always what you wanted and what brought you to this path/career in life?

TOC: “No,” Tara says with a big hearty laugh “not even a little bit.”  I had great grades, but I really wanted to be a mother.  “Until making these health changes and blogging,”  she says “I needed something that I enjoy for me, with passion and purpose.”


MG: What cooking/food trend or trends do you see happening in the future?

TOC: Fermented!!! Fermented!! Fermented!  People can make their own stuff and it is so easy and affortable to do.  The brine/juice is so good for you.  Oh and Kefir.


~ We carried on our discussion about what being a Holistic Nutritionist is & represents.  ~

MG: Can you explain what a Holistic Nutritionist is and what brought you to studying this practice? 

Tara absolutely lights up when this question came up, I know at this moment that the conversation is going to be facinating.

TOC: A Wholistic Nutritionist is someone who helps people go back to the root of an issue or problem and heal it by choosing fresh, chemicaly-free, whole. healthy foods. As for what brought me to studying it, well within a week of eating Paleo i felt better.  Really felt better.  Although I have to say that by the third day, it was really tough, but a fog felt like it lifted and I felt great.  Oh and I also lost 8 pounds!  We are so quick to accept genetics and aging, that it is acceptable and unavoidable to feel more tired, or gain weight, or say it’s peri-menopause or menopause.  But we ignore our own intuitions, we need to get to the second and third chakras, if something is wrong and our intuition is telling us, we need to believe it.  It may be a food allergy, but over time, it creates something more.  To choose wholistic nutrition is connecting the Body-Mind-Spirit.

MG: Yes, absolutely! Listen to our body’s intelligence. Instead we just keep shoving food down our body because it is comforting or even numbing.  Since the late 1980’s I began reading books such as: Shirley MacLaine’s “Going Within,” “Out on a Limb,” Dancing in the Light,”  “The Celestine Prophecy,”  and Louise L. Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Body.”  I am sure my Caltholic father thought I was really rebelling at that time!  And the books about food that changed my way of thinking: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond’s “Fit for Life,” Annemarine Colbin “Food and Healing,” and Dr. Jonn Matsen N.D. from Vancouver “Eating Alive.”  Eating Alive is so brilliant!  It is about an adventurous journey through the digestive system to find the mysterious cause of disease, or as Louise L. Hay would say “dis-ease.”  There certainly is a connection to mind-body-spirit.


MG: When will you begin taking clients?

TOC: In a years time.  It is a two year course.

MG: Sign me up!


MG: What can a person expect with a session?

TOC: We will discuss issues – health, mental, how you are feeling and ways to make you feel better.  I would guide you to work on ways that could help yourself, get better or imporove.  That’s the thing, we don’t need to wait to not feel good and then try to fix it.  We can improve our body functions to perform better, such as if you are a competative runner or a hockey player or even to maintain your health and feel amazing into our later years. Using the tools from a Holistic Nutritionist is not just for sickness and healing, it is for your entire health and wellness.


MG: Do you believe in eating locally & seasonal food?

TOC: Yes, most should be.  I also seek out organic and choose places that know where the food is coming from, such as Big Bend Market and Pure Earth.


MG: How do you connect energy and food?

TOC: When you have food (both animal and plant) and if it is not ethically raised, or if it is sprayed, it DOES effect your entire being. It is about the energy and then putting that into our bodies. We also need to start using more parts of the animal. Our grandparents used to teach us how to use the other parts.

MG: (I begin to laugh), yes.  My grandparents used to even eat the chicken feet.  They loved them, as though they were a treat.

TOC: I remember my grandparents eating so many parts too.


MG: Can it be a spiritual and thankful energy eating meat?

TOC: YES. Appreciate the sacrifice of the animal and also of the time the farmer took to care and raise it. We must be thankful for all the care and time growing and raising all of it.

MG: Growing up in the Northwest Territories, I absolutely admire how many friends who were raised with their First Nations traditions would give thanks and a prayer to each animal or plant.


MG: Do you believe in diets?

TOC: No. There is no easy fix.  Just because you lost weight doesn’t mean you gained health.

MG: Oh I love that Tara!  If I could tweet it I would.  (I will once this interview is posted.)

TOC: (She laughs)

TOC: What we are doing is burning out our metabolism. It relies on being nourished. There really is no quick fix. We are in an era where it is all about instant gratification, we should walk for the sake of walking or bike for the sake of seeing things outside.  Our gym workouts should be natural, walk in nautre.

MG: Now you are talking my language! Yes, I love being outside.  The connection alone is calming to our systems. Then you know, we take big deep breaths.

TOC: Yes. It is all connected.



With all the food and connections we make, Tara strongly believes that the choices in the foods we eat directly effect us physically and mentally.  She has graciously created a recipe for us that tastes amazing, by using beautifully raised Alberta Lamb and pairing it with aromatic spices.  Try this and to continue to be inspired pop on over to Tara’s blog for many more healthy, nutritious and flavorful recipes.

Fast, Easy, Gluten-free Lamb Burger

So here is my super fast, super easy, get it on the table in under 20 minutes lamb burger. It’s a great way to get into eating lamb without marinating, worrying about cooking a long time, or having an overpowering flavour!


2 pounds ground lamb

1 egg

1/4 cup almond meal/flour

1/2 a lemon, juiced

1 1/2 tablespoons herbes de provence

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper


Mix in a large bowl, being careful not to overmix. Form into 6 patties and grill them for 5-8 minutes per side; to your desired doneness. Top with balsamic reduction and feta cheese. We serve ours on lettuce “buns” with a Greek style salad.  (Big Bend Market carries: Alberta raised antibiotic and hormone free lamb, farm fresh eggs, lemons, herbes de provence, sea salt (smoked sea salt too), peppercorns, reduced balsamic vinegar (original and 4 other flavours) and feta cheese from Alberta.)



~ Thank you Tara for the amazing conversation and inspiration to continue to eat well!

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